Newly Wed Auto Insurance Tips To Save Money

Auto insurance savings might not be at the top of your newly wed tasks but there are some car insurance benefits to be reaped for newly weds. Auto Insurance Policy consolidation is a smart money saving move. This will simplify the billing process and could save you money.

Electronic Funds transfer payment (EFT or also called EZ pay) is smart too so you can avoid late charges and worse yet a cancellation notice.Insurance companies keep track of late notices and cancellation notices They think that as a more responsible person with their finances is a better insurance risk.

Call us at Universal Insurance Agency Inc to see if you qualify for additional discounts.

For example, if you’re going to insure more than one vehicle you could receive a multi-car discount. If you insure your home or have a renters policy with the same company, you might receive a multi-line discount. These discounts can add up to substantial savings.

Guys under age 25? Insurers can tend to give more favorable rates if you are married. Car insurance rates for unmarried men under age 25 are higher than aver age because they’re considered high-risk by insurers (the statistics bear this out). Premiums usually go down for men under 25 when they get hitched. If you’ve recently gotten married or are getting married soon, give your insurance agent a call to help you save on all your insurance. Congratulations on your marriage …by the way!

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