Buying Online VS Agent? Having An Agent Has So Many Benefits.

Is buying online VS agent better or riskier?

If you are not well versed in auto or home insurance it is possible to make a big mistake inadvertently when buying insurance online without a local agent. I can’t tell you how many people came into the agency with a policy they bought online and we pointed out a very dangerous coverage mistake.

Imagine if you thought you chose $100,000 for damage to someone else’s property and what you really chose on the drop down menu was $10,000. These people did not realize this is an important coverage because it has the high probability of being used.

This coverage pays to fix what you hit. ( Example- you drive into a guardrail, it is icy and your car slides into a house etc.) You think you have plenty of time to take a left hand turn and did not mean to cut some car coming straight ahead. That car hits you and you get pushed into another vehicle.

One vehicle is a van that carried expensive frozen inventory. Because of the accident, the refrigeration was shut off. The other is a $75,000 Mercedes which hit a light pole in this mess of an accident. If those vehicles ending being totaled you could easily be over $100,000. Yes, the city or town wants their light pole fixed too and you caused the Mercedes to hit it.

Another coverage that I see overlooked is because the insured did not realize they need to choose Substitute Transportation to replace their car while their vehicle is being fixed. Yes…you need that coverage if you would be inconvenienced without a car for a week or 2 while your car is being fixed. The substitute transportation coverage cost approximately $6-$8 extra a month. (more or less depending on the town or age and experience of driver)

The best 2 stories I have this past year is that I noticed 2 clients that were charged with accidents that were easily not their fault. I asked if they received the surcharge notice with the form they needed to fight the points if they feel they have a could case. We called the Merit Rating Board requesting another one be sent to them. They filled it out and sent their $50 and received their date for a hearing.
Bottom line is both customers won and had a lot of money refunded from the prior year plus their policy went down in the current term.

Agents have eyes to see what you may miss. Call us today for a free quote. Really think hard about Buying Online VS Agent.

A good agent can be your best decision because he or she watches out for you.

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